Surfers Paradise is known for its high-rise skyline, glistening Surfers Paradise Beach, shopping and dining destinations as well as fun and unique activities. Are you a fan or up for some physical adventure game and virtual reality (VR) gaming arcade? Here are two attractions you should visit when in Surfers Paradise!

Padlock’d Escape Rooms

Padlock’d Escape Rooms, a physical adventure game which exercises both your body and mind as well as the ability to work with others offers a series of immersive escape room games. This attraction has four rooms to choose from two of which have a difficulty rating of 3 over 5 – Pipeline and Outpost.

The scenario for the Pipeline room is you need to investigate what happened to the commander stationed at a top-secret facility. But upon reaching the commander’s quarters, you are greeted by a toxic smell. For the Outpost, your curiosity got you in trouble. When you stumbled upon a Spy Safe House, you tried to snoop around and the doors slammed shut. Can you escape?

The third room is called Nightfall. It has a difficulty rating of 4 over 5 but if you are brave enough, you can solve the puzzle and escape the nightmare before your run out of time. Now for the most difficult room.

Day Break tells the story of Doctor Richards, one of the world’s most famous doctors who has been missing for several years. They say he is actually hiding and trying to develop the world’s most dangerous weapon – the immortal undead. The scenario is you wake up chained to a wall. You need to escape and find the antidote before he comes back.

While the first three rooms allow a minimum of two to six people, the Day Break room is for four to eight people aged 14 and up only. Take note that you have to be there a least 10 minutes before your scheduled time.

In case, you arrive too early it’s fine because their foyer is full of mini puzzles. Maybe do a little warm-up? Before you enter the room, you will have a short briefing and then it’s time to enter the Game Zone. Search for clues right away, solve and escape before 60 minutes ends.

Xscape Reality

Experience Gold Coast’s first virtual reality (VR) gaming arcade. Would you like to immerse yourself in a whole new reality? At Xscape Reality, you can! This attraction offers a multitude of games and experiences for all ages and every type of player.

You could say the possibility is endless at Xscape Reality. Want to fight off a pack of zombies? How about swimming with whales or skiing the slopes? Would you like to become the ultimate Assassin, master the Light Saber or become Spiderman? Visit Xscape Reality and choose the best adventure that suits your taste!

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