Off to a holiday escape with your best buddies this October? Found the best getaway accommodation in any Self Contained Apartments Gold Coast? If yes, Ipanema Holiday Resort, offering the most relaxing, luxurious and snug suites, invites you to come and see Oktoberfest 2014. This will surely be a perfect holiday event for you and your fellows to catch up and spend more time together. Because in here, all you have to do is eat, drink and be merry – absolutely no worries.

Most boys and lads across the globe have passion over beer and other liquors. Everyone is invited to experience beer drinking the Aussie way. Scheduled on October 3, 2014, this blissful celebration of food, beer, music and entertainment on a Friday night takes its diners and guests to an intense and memorable feast at the highest external tower, only at Skypoint. This high-rise building blesses you with some breathtaking 360 degree views of the Gold Coast region as well as its tropical and lush gardens during daytime and bright, sparkling city lights and cold breeze at night.

After your Friday night adventures, you could still enjoy the rest of the weekends at our Self Contained Apartments Gold Coast by engaging into some extreme activities with the boys. This could be outdoor ventures, thrilling water sports, interesting trips to the most sought after amusement centres, wildlife sanctuaries and tourist spots, or just a laid-back fun at the resort. Laze in our heated pools and enjoy each refreshing soak while some delectable, hale and hearty BBQ meals await you and your best buddies.

Let us be your travel buddy and leave your worries with us. We have a great number of itinerary suggestions as well as dining, shopping and adventure options.

Make reservations today. Visit us at http://ipanema.etourism.net.au/. Great deals and perks await you when you do online group bookings now!

Image Source : Oktoberfest Brisbane

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