The Gold Coast offers an array of beautiful places to see and thrilling activities to do. For holiday makers craving for a more relaxing activity while enjoying the contagiously laid back atmosphere of the Gold Coast can always go for a wonderful golf holiday. The Coast with Most boasts of having some of the best golf courses in the country where you’ll enjoy the spectacular view of the lush landscaped fairways while taking on a challenging game of golf.

If you’re planning to head down the Coast for your golf holiday, we have provided a number of helpful suggestions on how to achieve a hassle-free golf holiday. Below are a few simple planning tips for you to consider:

  • Try to decide on how much you are willing to spend on your golf holiday. Do a little bit of research on golf clubs around the Gold Coast. Try to look at the facilities, amenities and rates that would suit your needs and budget.
  • Golf is an outdoor sport so you need to find out the climate and weather condition before you head on to the fairways in order to avoid getting caught up on unlikely rainy or stormy scenarios on the golf course.
  • Guests at our holiday resort on the Gold Coast should be aware of the appropriate golf attire that is ideal for the season and weather. Always follow the dress code prescribed by the golf club. Also, do not forget to bring essential items such as sunscreens, sunglasses, golf shoes and hats.
  • Bring your own golf gear. For those who still do not have their own set can always pick up golf gears on their local sporting goods store. You may want to consider buying second hand golf sets through auction sites the Internet just make sure that the items are in good condition.
  • Remember to confirm your reservation for your tee times at the golf club. Try to book ahead of time so you’ll get a secure slot especially when your planning to go during the peak seasons where there will be a slew of golfers from all over the world who will also be having their golf holiday at the Coast.

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