Want to stay fit and fabulous this warm Yuletide season? Our gracious staff at Ipanema Resort have compiled a few simple diet tips that can help you look and feel good while on your Gold Coast Christmas holiday:

Healthy greens
If you wish to cut down your weight, lessen your intake of fatty and salty foods and replace them by adding in more fresh vegetables and fruits on your diet. We also often remind our Christmas holiday makers at Gold Coast family accommodation to always maintain a good and balanced diet.

Fruity refreshments
Christmas season is always celebrated with delightful feasts and overflowing beers and spirits. However, if you’re serious about shedding some pounds avoid taking in alcohol, caffeinated and carbonated drinks but instead drink fresh fruit juices. Fruits and veggie juices not only provide fibre for your diet but also help you replenish essential nutrients that you need for a healthy body.

‘Tis the season’s freshest harvests
Avoid eating winter vegetables and fruits beetroot, radish, spinach, pineapple and grapefruit. We often advice our vacationers at our holiday resort in Gold Coast to instead pick the fruits and vegetables of the season such as water melon, oranges, cucumber, celery and tomatoes which can help in hydrating your body during the warm and sunny Christmas.

No to cold beverages
If you want to cool down this summer, it is best not to drink chilled beverages. Most health experts agree that cold drinks tend to slightly constrict the blood vessels in your skin that hinders the release of body heat.

Load up on water
In the midst of a sweltering heat during summer, our body easily gets dehydrated that is why it is very important to drink as much water as you could to avoid further dehydration and sunstroke. Moreover, guests at our lavish yet cheap accommodation Gold Coast should always maintain in a good supply of handy bottled water to get keep you hydrated most especially when going outdoors or engaging on a strenuous activities during the holidays.

Get moving
Whether or not you’re on enjoying a leisurely holiday, always try to keep an active lifestyle. Good diet can certainly keep you healthy but doing exercises and physical sports can help you shed those extra pounds as well as get you in a toned figure. Vacationers at our luxury apartments Gold Coast can break a sweat at our modern gym facilities or better yet take a few laps at the sparkling swimming pool.

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