The magnificent temperate beaches of the Gold Coast makes it the perfect venue for popular water sports such as kitesurfing. Aside from the excellent water conditions, knowledge and skills, kitesurfers should also be aware of their safety in order to successfully and securely ride out the waves and the wind. For guests at Ipanema Resort who want to engage in this sport can make use of the kitesurfing safety tips that we have provided for below:

  • Always check out the local weather forecast before heading out to the beach. If the weather forecast indicates that a brewing storm might set in within the day, you should postpone your kitesurfing session for a clearer day.
  • We often advise our kitesurfing guests at our Surfers Paradise family accommodation to choose a kites that will suit the wind conditions. Make sure that you are capable of flying the kite safely without harming yourself or others.
  • Kitesurfers should make sure that you have all your safety gear in place before beginning the ride. Your helmet and vest are your most important gear that you should have to protect you from impact and collisions.
  • Always keep a safe distance and away from the power lines, rocks, and other people. Most serious injuries are caused by crashing against a person or hard objects.
  • Getting tangled up in your flying line can be dangerous and should be cut with a hook safety knife which can included with your safety gear.
  • Kitesurfing beginners should always avoid the off shore winds which tend to swiftly pull you far out into the sea. It will be very exhausting for you to swim back to shore.
  • We also remind our guests at our holiday resort Gold Coast that in whatever adventure they may want to take on during their vacation, they should always put safety on their list of priority.

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