Prepping up for your exciting dream holiday at the Gold Coast? Here are some holiday packing pointers you might want to consider before you start filling up your bags. Always remember the Rule of thumb: pack light. In order to achieve this, the gracious staffs at Ipanema Holiday Resort has also provided some useful advise on how to travel light and easy:

  1. Don’t pack your jumpers. The Gold Coast enjoys a sub-tropical climate which makes it a great place to spend your beach holidays. It is best to bring clothes that suit the warm climate such as singlets, t-shirts, shorts and skirts. Guests at our luxury apartments Gold Coast should bring at least 5 to 6 pairs of undies, sandals and comfy shoes, and of course don’t forget to pack your swim wears.
  2. Don’t fold it. Roll up your clothes when packing to avoid creasing. You can make use of the laundry facilities at our Surfers Paradise family accommodation just in case you run out of good clothes to wear or you can purchase some nice souvenir shirts that you can wear during your holiday.
  3. Always remember to bring your important items or documents such as your ATM, credit cards, cash, valuable documents (insurance, passports, flight details, etc.), first-aid kits, guidebook, and eyeglasses.
  4. Hand sanitizers, tissues and wet wipes can come in handy for a quick clean up. Guests at our holiday resort Gold Coast should also pack some snacks and good magazines or books to keep you entertained in case your flight might be delayed.
  5. Fragile electronic gadgets such as your laptops, mobile phones, cameras, ipods and chargers should be placed inside your hand luggage to prevent it from getting crushed while travelling. You might also want to place your gadgets in a water proof pack to avoid damage.
  6. Check all of your holiday essentials such as clothes and gadgets before placing it all in your main travel bag or suitcase. Be sure to secure your bag by afixxing it with small padlocks or cable ties. It is advisable to place your ATM, credit cards and cash inside your hand luggage. Also we suggest you bring a small hand bag to use on your day tours.

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