Do you want to know what it feels like to be thrown to heaven and back?

If you ride on the Slingshot, you can experience the feeling of being propelled at a distance of more than 100 metres within the speed of 160 kilometers per hour – and enjoy it.

The Slingshot uses a one-of-a-kind spring machine that functions by applying more than 40 tons of force to extension springs. The force is then placed onto each passenger capsule through reduction pulleys as well as multiple steel ropes.

Safety is ensured via the use of multiple redundant systems one of which is two steel ropes connected from the spring machine onto the passenger capsule. Adjustments can be made on the spring machine via an operating panel. The panel controls a computer that perceives spring tension making sure each rider receives the same amount of thrust.

No rubber ropes or bungee cords are used in the Slingshot. It is solely powered by a patented spring propulsion device that incorporates 720 specially designed springs.

The Slingshot is created by Funtime – an amusement ride manufacturer that also operate a small amusement park in Surfers Paradise.

See what people have to say after they rode on the Slingshot.

Trip Advisor Reviewer “Kristen A” describes Slingshot as “Fantastic!”

“This is fantastic! We did the sling shot in Bali, but this is amazing…. Being shot 80 meters into the air is an experience! We got the video on USB so we could show our friends when we got back home! This is a must do activity when you come to Surfers!”

Trip Advisor Contributor “lauraxo85”  finds the Slingshot not as scary as he expected.
“Not quite the thrill I expected but still fun. Took my 10 year old daughter on, she loved it. It is far too expensive, ($60 for my daughter and I) considering it’s over in a matter of seconds.”

Trip Advisor Reviewer “tenisha j” finds the Slingshot experience an “Adrenaline rush!”

“Absolutely fantastic. 1 time wasnt enough, got a discount to stay in the seat for another shot. Received our video by usb and also got a shirt. Fantastic experience.”

Senior Trip Advisor Reviewer “mareekelly76” recommends Slingshot to everyone and asks others to go “Do it!”

“What an experience! I was at first apprehensive though was there with friends who had been on it the night before and I’m so glad they talked me into it – it was amazing, a complete adrenalin rush and really was a highlight of our holiday.
My eight year old also had a ride and was just as enthusiastic as I was. He loved it!
We had a laugh afterwards standing around and watching ours and other patrons video’s of the slingshot ride and would thoroughly recommend the whole experience.
Not as scary as it looks……”

Senior Trip Advisor Reviewer “DazSel” felt he flew into the heavens via the Slingshot.

“We have been going to Surfers Paradise as a family for several years now & the ALL the family love going to the attraction ride – Sling Shot!!! We always find the staff friendly & go out of their way to make us feel safe, welcome & most of all – make sure we have fun!!!
Thanks guys, we love coming every time we visit :)”

Have you ever ridden the Slingshot? Describe your experience in the comments section below.
Slingshot is located at 6 Palm Ave, Surfers Paradise, Queensland 4217. It is a quick drive from our Luxury Apartments Gold Coast.

For more information, go to http://www.funtime.com.au/data/index1.htm or call +61 7 5570 2700.

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